Do you love traveling? The experience, the people and cultures and habits and quirks, the cities and small towns and nature, local food and wines, arts, sports, architecture? To explore, share, and  enjoy. I mean, not just to consume something, but to be there.

Well, the thing is I want you to be here. Visit my country. And really be here. In the most possible enriching way for you, and for us, locals. That’s the combination in which I’ll put my best: my energy and knowledge, my expertise after more than 12 years working in intercultural experiences, my Why not? ideas, my passion to keep researching and learning and sharing what I love and enjoy and not so much as a local, what you might need to know and what I know we need, and best of all: my listening. Because I don’t know you. But I’m super good at listening, and I know how important it is for building real bonds, empathy and reciprocity, and for creating those amazing expansive beautiful combinations that arise when you are well matched with the experience that is enriching for everybody involved.

So just tell me, so we can start from where you are, and who you are. Contact me

My country? Argentina. Huge, beautiful, diverse. Not perfect. Often struggling. We’ve been worst. And we’ve been much better. We are a work in progress, I guess. But very enjoyable in so many ways. Full of creative people and a wide cultural offer. Beautiful places: our Nature!! I don’t even know if we deserve it, OMG! Patagonia with its woods, lakes and peaks, and the North, both east- with its falls and jungle- and west -with its mountains, cactus and salt flats, the center, the coast, the fields, the colors, the biodiversity, the people, the cultures. Our history and archeological treasures. Our food!! Oh our food!! Our food is sooooo good. We’ve got so good and fresh locally sourced ingredients and a rich variety of culinary influences. Our gastronomic offer is exiting. And I’ll tell you how to make friends so you can try home-made meals. Our wines are famous. And we’ve been recently developing many crafts beers. I’ll invite an expert to tell you a couple of things about that. Not a drunk friend. A local Biochemist specialized in brewery. And since our currency is going down, the exchange rate is very convenient for most visitors. Besides all of our wonders, we’ve got our issues, you know? But we also have amazing groups of people working to solve things, in clever and generous and not much advertised ways, in all kinds of organizations, which I love, with many I have volunteered myself since I was 13 and with which I’ve been matching international volunteers since 2005. I’ve got so much to tell you! And you have so much to enjoy! Lucky us we met.

Me? I’m a pretty much content human being, for no particular reason, or for a mix of them, I tend to be content. I’m a woman. I run both street and adventure races (lots of tips about that as well!). I speak Spanish. English is my second language and I’ll be thankful if you point out my mistakes, but if you find them cute, it’s ok as well. And wait to hear my accent! I live with Juan and our 4 cats and 1 dog in a decent apartment. We are saving money for a small house with a big garden, to enjoy nature and share maybe with more adopted animals, and grow our organic vegetables. I love my family more than an Oscar’s wining speech could tell. We are a breathable trustworthy always available network. I wish everybody had that. I’m a Sociologist and I have also studied Gardening at the Botanical Garden School. I have always worked in cultural exchange programs, I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve enjoyed the intercultural experience myself meeting people from everywhere, and I love it. I love reading, and can recommend lots of books and articles and local writers and hidden bookshops and some writers’s tours. I’ve lived most of my life in Buenos Aires, but also in Mendoza, and in Montevideo, Uruguay (can share some tips about that brother country as well, it’s an hour boat trip, and totally worths a visit).

What moves me to be writing now: I’ve got a lot of information, insights, pictures, tips &former visitors recommendations, that can convince you to visit us and help you make the best of it, as well as benefiting locals, our economy and the environment, and our mutual understanding and enrichment. I know that “Live the experience” has been so over-used. And too often it is already made up, which is the opposite of experience. But what if it happens?

So this is the deal: I provide some tools instead of a package and you provide your whole you, including your questions, so life can be lived and experience can be experienced. Here.

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